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The Stylus is the century old newspaper voice of the students of Park University located in Parkville, Mo. The Stylus is published in print and online 16 times during the academic year. The newspaper focuses on students and the Park University learning community. Writers and editors are all students, by policy. The newspaper accepts letters to the editor of less than 250 words. Letters must be signed and will be subject to editing for clarity, style and taste, as necessary. The newspaper adheres to Associated Press style.
  • The guiding principle of the newspaper is to make every editorial decision about what students need to know.
  • The newspaper strives for bright, tight, thoughtful writing and striking photojournalism in pursuit of excellence in the arts of journalism.
  • The newspaper strives to craft new ways to tell the stories which matter to students at the university.
The newspaper identifies opinion articles by 1) the use of flush left rather than justified type (print edition) and, 2) where possible, a photograph of the writer. It identifies news analysis with a prominent standing headline. Otherwise; it strives to be fair, honest and clear. It works to identify conflict of interest among its staff members and is careful to point out a potential conflict to readers in an editor’s note prominently displayed next to the story, recognizing that on a small campus, conflict of interest is sometimes unavoidable.
In short, the Stylus strives for journalistic excellence. It cares first about its student readers, about what may affect a student’s life, what may impact a student’s learning, and what students need to know about their learning community at the university. Our fellow students are, simply, our reason for being.
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About the Stylus