University invites students to submit comments for accreditation

Emilie Heston, Editor-in-Chief

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President Gunderson has invited Park’s student body to submit public comments about the university to The Higher Learning Commission.

Like all institutions, Park is periodically evaluated on standards, quality of education and many other criteria. Successfully meeting or exceeding these criteria earns the university its accreditation. Park has held accreditation since 1913. The goal of the HLC is to ensure that the quality of higher learning stays up to standards and continues to advance.

The HLC will be visiting the Parkville campus on Feb. 12-13, 2018, to evaluate Park’s ongoing success as well as its capability to provide students with the highest quality of education.

The comments HLC is soliciting from students should address important matters in regards to the quality of education and the institution. Written comments will be accepted through Jan. 12. Students may submit comments online at: Alternatively, comments may be sent to the following address:


Public Comment on Park University

The Higher Learning Commission

230 South LaSalle St., Suite 7-500

Chicago, IL 60604


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University invites students to submit comments for accreditation