Park University Announces New Campus in Gilbert, Arizona

Park University announced in July that it would open a new campus in Gilbert, Ariz. The campus will officially open for the Fall II term on October 15, 2018.

This addition will increase the number of campuses Park University has to 43 sites in 22 states. Among those 43 sites, 33 of them are on military bases.

“Park University wanted to create another campus that wasn’t associated with a military base to grow the population of students that are not military students,” said Greg Gunderson, Ph.D., President of Park University.

The Gilbert campus will be similar to the main Parkville campus in Parkville, Mo., however, there will be differences. The Gilbert Campus will not have dorms and will not own sports facilities. Similar to local high schools in Gilbert, Park University will have to rent sports facilities from the city of Gilbert.

When looking at the development plan for the new campus Dr. Gunderson said, “The Gilbert campus has a four-year plan instead of five-year plan.”

This plan consists of having roughly 800 students enrolled in classes, joining the NAIA, and increasing on campus activity. As of now, the Gilbert campus has one building; however, the administration would like to continue its growth. Dr. Gunderson said he believes that in 10 years the campus will be able to increase in size.

Prospective students can apply to attend Park University’s new campus in Gilbert at