Celebrating Black History Month with Trap N’ Paint

Savanna Wyatt, Reporter

Black Student Union is a prominent club at many college campuses. It allows for Black students or allies of Black students to meet, gather and voice their concerns. Park University is one of those schools that feature BSU.

Many of the unions allow for students to have a safe space to talk about issues that bother them and plan activities to spread awareness about their culture. One of these BSU activites at Park University was Trap N’ Paint.

Trap N’ Paint was a successful event last year, so the group decided to bring it back this year for Black History month.

“We figured we might as well just do it again for Black History month, just to try and have like a bonding event for all Park sudents as well as like embrace the Black culture,” said Terriane Smith, president of BSU. Smith has served as president of BSU since May 2019.

The event consisted of students painting whatever they wanted on canvases and then listening to Trap music as a community.

Recording Secretary Hailey Rawhouser said, “We’re here to celebrate Black History month, Black culture; so anyone who wants to celebrate that is welcome to come.”

Many students of all races and genders attended , which accomplished their goal. It was a successful event for BSU and for Black History month. Also, BSU has planned several other events for Black History Month.

Before this event BSU hosted Game Night: Black Jeopardy on Feb. 4 at 5:30 p.m. The event divided participants up into two teams to answer questions about Black culture and history.

Their final event for Black History Month was a screening of “Higher Learning” in the Alumni Hall Theatre on Feb. 25 at 7 p.m. The event was co-sponsored by the Psychology/Sociology Club and the McAfee Library.

A representative from the counseling center attended to discuss issues if a student had any troubles. The film deals with serious material that may be heavy for some viewers.