A new favorite: “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You”

Netflix’s “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” is the new sequel to the hit film, “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.” It picks up and delivers on the drama and romance the other film left off on.

In the first film, teenager Lara Jean Covey was new to the romance game. She was (and still is) a shy and reserved girl. So, she decided to write love letters to her five crushes to express how she felt about them. The catch is she never planned to send them out, instead she kept the letters in a box.

Kitty, her little sister, decides to send out all the letters to try to jumpstart Lara Jean’s love life. All five letters got sent out to her crushes, including Peter Kavinsky, who is dating her best friend’s cousin, Josh Sanderson, who is her current crush and older sister’s boyfriend, and John Ambrose McClaren, who moved away.

The rest of this first film takes the audience on a journey of her struggle to navigate her feelings for Josh and then her new feelings for Peter, which turns into a huge mess. The film ends with her and Peter officially boyfriend and girlfriend, living happily ever after…or so they thought.

The mid-credit scene of the film features John Ambrose knocking on the door of Lara Jean’s house, setting up the next film, “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.”

This next film mainly deals with the love triangle that inevitably develops between Lara Jean, Peter and John Ambrose. John Ambrose and Lara Jean end up spending a lot of time together and developing a connection as they volunteered to work at the same assisted living facility.

Meanwhile, some issues arise in Lara Jean’s and Peter’s relationship relating to trust, his ex-girlfriend, and more. These components combined make juicy drama as well as touching moments of truth while exploring what it really means to love someone.

I was very content with the way this film played out. There was mature drama that featured issues many couples deal with in relationships. Fear of rejection, fear of commitment and fear of not being enough are strong themes that were present in this film.

In addition, John Ambrose provided some serious competition with Peter. This caused for a divide amongst all parties involved as John Ambrose was proving to be a worthy suitor to Lara Jean. He was sweet and super compassionate letting Lara Jean know that he truly cared about her.

This film also dived deeper into who Lara Jean really is. She had a youthful, jovial and bubbly spirit in the first film, but this film looked deeper into her troubles.

She dealt with a lot of anxiety of not being enough for Peter and fear of not doing the right things since she had never been in a relationship before.  This fear and struggle are very relatable as many people also deal with this.

This film had some very touching messages and introspective thoughts that really made me think about this situation if it applied to my life. I really do not know what I would have done or who I would have chosen: Peter or John Ambrose.

However, I am happy with her choice, and very excited for the third and final film to end the wonderful journey of Lara Jean Covey.