“Coco” the movie is still trending and here is why

Victoria Olaleye, Reporter

It appears that some people who have seen the movie “Coco” have seen it more than once, and it is still a favorite in some families. Three years after its release, “Coco” still seems to be everyone’s favorite and catches the attention of many people.

Although the movie was taken off of Netflix in November 2019, it is still a conversation starter for people, especially with some of the songs in the movie.

The movie highlights the life of a young boy called Miguel who had a passion for music and wanted to be like his role model, Ernesto De la Cruz, but his family didn’t support his passion. That was because they believed his great-great-grandfather abandoned his family to pursue music. Out of stubbornness and passion, Miguel left his home for a music competition and ended up in the land of the dead.

In his journey in the land of the dead, Miguel met a lot of his family members who had died and whom he only knew in pictures. He was able to recognize them from the pictures at the ofrenda in his home and got to reunite with them.

While I tend to forget sometimes and mix them up, the character, Coco, in this movie was Miguel’s great-grandmother, who had lived for a long time and was already having faded memories of her father.

She was really loved by her father, Miguel’s great-great-grandfather, an aspiring musician, but his life was cut short by his supposed friend. The two were trying to rise to fame at that time. That friend ended up getting all the fame and credibility that belonged to Coco’s father.

While Miguel was wandering around in the land of the dead, he found Coco’s father, Hector, whose picture had been taken away from the family. Together, they uncover some family secrets and stories no one knew.

I watched this movie for the first time in Park University’s McCoy Meetin’ House in 2018 as organized by the Park International Club, and I remember meeting a friend who had also watched it before and was seeing it again.

I remember leaving the hall singing the “Poco Loco” song that I really loved. I saw the movie a second time in the Alumni Theater in 2019, organized by the same club, and I still enjoyed and sang along. It was like I hadn’t seen it the first time.

The movie is one that explores some cultural aspects of the Mexican culture as the Day of the Dead is a traditional festival for Mexicans. This movie is one that tugs at heartstrings as it shows us the importance of keeping memories with and of people we love. This is demonstrated in the way the pictures of the family members were displayed at the table and how much they valued their family heritage.

The movie also shows the importance of pursuing one’s dream which is a lesson anyone watching can hold on to. I love the catchy songs in the movie, the songs rendered by De la Cruz as well as Miguel. This is one part of the movie that has stuck with me for a long time and even when I didn’t remember some parts of the movie during a second watch, I didn’t forget the “Poco Loco” song.

You can stream “Coco” on Disney+ or rent it at a variety of locations.