My Hero Academia movie release

I had the chance to see the movie “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising,” released on Feb. 26, before movie theaters were forced to close due to COVID-19. The movie was action-packed and full of surprises.

The movie is based off the anime “My Hero Academia.” However, the production company Funimation said fans need not worry, as anyone can enjoy the film without being caught up on the show.

Still, it was more enjoyable for me having seen most of the anime and being familiar with the main character, Izuku Midoriya, a student from a school called UA High School. In “My Hero Academia,” humans have superpowers called quirks, and people with quirks are known as heroes. There are thousands of different quirks that can be anything from invisibility, super strength and explosions.

UA High School is the top school to go to in Japan to become a hero. Midoriya is also the successor to the number one hero, All Might. The show itself focuses on the growth of Midoriya and his classmates training to become heroes and fight villains, while “Heroes Rising” is about the students starting their own hero agency and helping the natives of Nabu Island, where the students are eventually met with super villains trying to find someone and steal their quirk.

The movie itself was incredibly detailed and opened up many questions like what is next for the anime and if the antagonists will be back again.

The visuals for this movie are unmatched. The movie had vibrant colors, especially during lengthy fight scenes which helped draw me into the scenes.

Overall, this movie would appease almost anyone. It had exceptional reviews by fans and critics both. For any anime fan, “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising” is a must-see.