Netflix’s ‘Always a bridesmaid’ is a happy love story

Victoria Olaleye, Reporter

“Always a Bridesmaid” on Netflix is one of the movies you can watch while self-isolating and social distancing.

In the movie, we meet Corina James, a 29-year-old, single, copy editor who has always been to weddings and has shown up for her friends at their weddings but has never been married.

When Corina finally finds love, she finds it hard to accept it because she was still holding on to pains from her past. Though her lover, Mark was ready to marry her, in his words, “flaws and all” she turned down his proposal.

Corina had some past pain and hurt she was dealing with, one of which was the death of her mum and finding out that her dad had a mistress when she was alive.

The movie explores the other problems that happen in relationships and how these issues can be addressed. Though Corina had to do what she felt was right since she didn’t feel like she was ready for a commitment, her decision to wait until she was ready was a good one.

The movie also raises the discussion of some baggage from the past people carry into their relationships. It addressed that it is okay to be hurt, angry and have those feelings at first, but good to let go and heal.

Corina probably felt her relationship was too good to be true and had fears bigger than she could handle. She needed enough time to think things through and decide what she wanted for her life. The character Mark was a very understanding man and though he was hurt at first, he understood her and was willing to wait until she came to terms with her feelings and decided. Three things Corina did which helped her were: to let go of the hurt from the past, forgive those who have wronged her and free her heart, and embrace love and commit to it.

Overall, this was a good movie that is a break from the cheating husband or boyfriend storyline. We also celebrate friendships in this movie as there were scenes where Corina’s friends had her back and stood up for her.