Disney’s new movie, Soul, will give you all the feels

Disney Plus released the animated movie “Soul” in December, and it is worth a watch.

In the movie, Joe Gardner, a high school band teacher, pairs up with a forming soul called 22 to learn what makes life so special.

In the beginning, Joe ends up in the Great Before which is where souls find their interests and get their spark to live. After they get this spark, the souls can then travel to Earth. 22 has been in the Great Before for a long time and has never gotten her spark. They explore different universes as Joe desperately tries to get back home, and 22 tries to get her spark.

I think that the voice talents alone make this movie an instant family favorite. Joe is voiced by Jamie Foxx and 22 is portrayed by Tina Fey. They work off each other really well, and their dynamic makes the movie funnier, more relatable and easier to connect with emotionally.

Some other notable names voicing characters in the movie are comedian and TV host Graham Norton, actor Daveed Diggs and musician Questlove.

Besides the talent, the real value of the movie comes from the takeaway. The movie wants to help people understand how important life is and how everyone should value it. It also explores ideas of mortality and experiencing every moment that you can.

I think that these ideas are incredibly important, especially in our current times. People, including myself, get so caught up in everyday life that we don’t always take the time to appreciate the small things. The pandemic and quarantine have made life seem more monotonous and boring to most people, which increases the value of appreciating all we can. Whether it’s getting lunch with a friend or being able to go to a movie theater, these types of things have become more special because we, as a society, know what it’s like to not have them.

All in all, this movie is a great reminder to appreciate all we can, and thanks to the great work of the voice actors, it should be appreciated at least once by everyone. Soul is available to stream on Disney+.