Midterm tips to succeed with less stress

Skyler Jensen

Midterms have arrived to Park University. Succeed with less stress by following these tips.

  1. Stick to your everyday routine

Matthew Harris, Ph. D., a Park University assistant professor of political science, suggested students not deviate to much from their routines too much during midterms or finals. For example, if someone typically exercises, then they should continue to do so. They should also probably sleep about the same amount of time, instead of sacrificing sleep for studying.

Sticking to routines can help with alertness and improve overall functioning.

  1. Break things up

It can seem easiest to do everything last minute, but that isn’t the best practice. Spreading tasks out over time allows breaks, which is important.

Alissa Flint, a senior Spanish education major and Park tutor, finds it better “to learn something and then come back to it, maybe a couple of days later, to refresh your brain.”

One good way to break things up is to switch between subjects or to allow for periods of relaxation. Then, return to the initial subject and gauge how much information was retained.

  1. Focus more on content and less on word count

When students have midterm essays, many focus on hitting the assigned word count and will throw in words and sentences that don’t completely relate to the assignment.

“The focus should be: ‘Can I demonstrate that I know this material,’” Harris said. Not hitting a specific amount of words. Working with a writing tutor through the Academic Support Center may help give an outsider’s perspective on whether the writing truly demonstrates knowledge and understanding or is just fluff.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Professors are there to help students. If there is confusion about an assignment or expectations, ask them. They know what they expect, and most professors are more than willing to answer questions. This is always a resource that students can use.

  1. Use Student Success Services

Park has free tutoring and mentoring available to students through Canvas. Search for: Park Tutoring and Success Services: Support during the COVID-19 response efforts. There is a live chat for on-demand help or students can schedule a time to meet with a tutor over Zoom.

Good luck to all Pirates!