Free Vaccines for all Park Students

On April 9, Park University held a vaccine clinic. Free COVID-19 vaccines were administered to students in the Breckon Sports Center.

Jayme Uden, Ed.D., associate vice president and dean of students, said via email that about 150 students were vaccinated that day. More students were vaccinated earlier that week when it was offered to employees and student workers.

Christian Dos Santos, sophomore music major, chose to get the vaccine at this event. He wants to be able to go home to Brazil without having to worry about spreading COVID-19 to others, especially those less healthy than him.

“It’s the only thing we have for protecting ourselves and other people [from COVID-19],” he said.

Leah Winn, senior Spanish major, felt grateful that Park was offering free vaccines on campus for students.

“If they didn’t, it’d be hard for some students to receive the vaccine due to waitlists or transportation,” she said.

Kayla Thomas, freshman biology major, appreciated this clinic as well. She felt it made it easier for students to get vaccinated, especially those who are from out of state, international students and those who cannot drive.

Thomas hopes the increase in vaccinations may lead to life looking like it did before the pandemic began. She said she looks forward to traveling and having more normal social activities.

This is also true for Winn, who said, “I chose to get vaccinated today because I’d like to be able to see my mom and great aunt and great uncle.”

She, similar to many others, has had to refrain from visiting her loved ones because they have a greater risk of being seriously hospitalized due to side effects from COVID-19.

Dos Santos encouraged others to go get a vaccine as well.

Winn echoed his thoughts and said, “You would rather have something and not need it, than to not have something and need it.”

The vaccine clinic for the second shot will be on Friday, May 7, according to Uden. He says more information will be sent out to students soon.