InterVarsity Club encourages discussions of the Bible

All Park students are welcome to attend InterVarsity meetings in Norrington Library on Mondays at 7:00 p.m.

InterVarsity is “a thriving campus ministry that builds and advances witnessing communities of students and teachers,” according to the official website ( Its goal is to discuss the Bible and learn more about Jesus Christ.

Out of the three meetings held thus far, I’ve been to two of them. Meeting others on campus who are interested in discussing the Bible has been a wonderful experience. I was unaware of attempts to arrange a bible study before hearing about the meetings. I didn’t understand what InterVarsity was about until I went to the activities fair.

You don’t have to be a Christian to attend these sessions, it’s vital to note. I would urge you to come out if you have any questions about the Bible or who Jesus Christ is.

We can never have enough attendees, so I’d also urge you to bring a buddy. Additionally, they offer snacks at these sessions to further liven things up.

We usually open the meetings by reading a particular verse from the Bible. We’ll take some time to write down any questions we have and highlight or underline any verses that really stand out to us.

After everyone is finished we’ll break into small groups and talk about what we came up with. This starts to get the ball rolling for discussion. Finally, we’ll discuss each question brought up by the group.

The reason that we turn to scripture is that it provides an account of the things that Jesus did, the commands that He gave, and the people that He encountered. The New Testament, in particular, is a great place to start when learning more about Him.

To learn more about InterVarsity as a ministry, you can visit