The waxing and waning of ‘My Hero Academia’

On October 1, the popular anime series ‘My Hero Academia’ officially launched its sixth season. I have some opinions about the show’s situation after three episodes.

Everyone in the world of ‘My Hero Academia’ possesses a special talent or skill known as a “quirk.” Some people use these peculiarities for good, while others use them to implement pernicious worldviews.

The storyline currently finds itself in the midst of a full-scale war between heroes and villains. In fact, I’m eager to see what this season will bring for the program.

I found it impressive that the season debut did not spend time with recaps and went right into the war’s action.

The transition into the debut was seamless because the previous season was used as a buildup.

This was the first anime I ever watched. Recommended to me by a classmate, I started watching the show in 2018 while season two was airing. The initial episodes were exciting and had a lot of promise.

Identifying Areas of Improvement

However,  it’s becoming more and more difficult for fans to support the show. The inconsistent character development is a significant issue. Some characters have developed, yet others still exhibit the same traits they had in season one.

Shoto Todoroki, the show’s deuteragonist, is one of the few characters that I feel has made real character development.

The conflict that Todoroki’s family goes through is authentic and relatable, which is why he remains my favorite character.

It is uncommon to see a nuclear family displayed in an anime storyline. Most anime begins either with a protagonist losing a loved one, or simply not having parents written into the show at all.

Although this adds emotional appeal for the main protagonist, it also downplays the role of parental figures in their upbringing.

If the writers can integrate the Todoroki family dynamic with the current war, I believe this season can spark new interest among its viewers. ‘My Hero Academia’ is available to watch on Hulu and Crunchyroll.