Parkville’s Hidden Nature Sanctuary

Arron Riffle, Reporter

Leaves dance along branches, wind whistles through trees and water barrels across worn rocks. The Parkville Nature Sanctuary is a simpler place where one can go to gain solitude, relieve stress or just enjoy nature. As the semester enters fall and midterms follow close behind, the Parkville Nature Sanctuary could be a much needed escape.

Nate Robinson, a senior multimedia journalism major, is familiar with the sanctuary and often visits the site.

“I usually have about an hour of free time in between classes,” Robinson said. “It’s a great spot to clear my head… disconnect from school.”

Inside the nature sanctuary there are two main trails. The longer of the two trails is the White Tail Trail which, according to the Parkville city webpage, is approximately 1.5 miles.

The Old Kate Trail, the other major trail in the park, clocks in at .9 miles and even has a boardwalk to cross marshier areas of the sanctuary.

Along with just being a place to experience nature hiking, the sanctuary can even provide you with health benefits. According to an article published by WebMD, not only does hiking provide physical health benefits, but also can provide mental health benefits, such as stress and anxiety reduction.

“I like to go up the hill to do hill climbs going up to Riss Lake,” Robinson said, “especially when I’m working on a final. I just walk and contemplate what I’m going to write about.”

The Parkville Nature Sanctuary is located right off the backside of campus adjacent from the track and baseball field.

“I can’t believe more people don’t go up there,” said Robinson, “it’s damn near connected to the school.”

So as the realization of midterms sinks in and the pressure of learning half a semester of course material increases those stress levels, take a stroll through the hidden gem tucked behind campus.