Park searches for new Sir George to helm ship

Arron Riffle, Reporter

A new pirate has taken charge of the sails as Sir George, Park University’s school mascot. On Oct. 27, tryouts were held in the Breckon Sports Center where hopeful students competed for a chance at a scholarship.
To protect the intrinsic spirit of Park’s mascot the names and faces of the individuals that tried out will remain anonymous.
The competition was fierce as the two potential mascots displayed their ability out on the basketball court. Each individual was required to show off their dance moves while decked out in full mascot gear. Then they would be given specific game scenarios to act out to pump up the Pirates or deflate the opposing team.
“I’m super involved in sports,” said Sir George One, “I generally come to all the all games. I’m typically part of all the noise during the games.”
Unfortunately, most mascots don’t make noise. However, the first individual to tryout made up for their inability to speak by dancing up a storm during the panel judging. Sir George One was given the scenario to act out a skit to influence the opposing team to miss a game winning free throw; to which the Sir George responded with a traditional approach of the shot, but flopping on the ground instead of a jump shot follow through.
“I saw a scholarship opportunity, and I always wanted to be a mascot,” said Sir George Two. “I’ve always played varsity sports.”
The second tryout followed the same format as the first, short revolving clips of popular dance music. Sir George Two had particularly fresh dance moves, dancing vigorously enough to snap the mascot’s foam sword in half during the performance.
There appeared to be a clear winner until Sir George Two suddenly stopped just before the scenario portion of the tryout
“Man, it’s too hot under here,” said Sir George Two. “This mascot head is about to break my neck.”
The second individual stopped short of completing the tryout due to the discomfort of the mascot costume.
The premature termination of the tryout resulted in Sir George One winning the position and becoming the next Sir George Pirate to represent Park at school athletic events.