Park students entertain with original performances at the annual Park’s Got Talent competition.


Zartasha Sani

The winner of Park’s got talent from left: AA Diamond, DJ Occelin, and John Carrazco

Zartasha Sani, Reporter

Students and faculty gathered at the Alumni Hall on Wednesday, Oct. 3, to support their peers at the Park’s Got Talent competition.

The diverse lineup included rapping, comedy, dancing and original songwriting. Students showcased their unique talents while judges determined who was the best.

First up was sophomore John Carrazco on guitar, singing “Down to the River” by Ben Caplan. Senior Marquel Harris followed with an original song called “Show’s Over.” After Harris, sophomore DJ Occelin performed an original dance. Up next was Emily Raffety, who sang an acapella version of “

Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. Freshman Morgan Durham performed an original comedy routine. Jack Gunderson performed an original song on the guitar. Allison Anderson, also known as AA Diamond, rapped an original song.

The judges included Park University President Greg Gunderson, Ph.D., Park Student Government Association President Jesse Patrick and Assistant Director of Academic Support Florenda Jarrard.

The contestants were judged in three categories: best performance, audience favorite and most creative. The categories were broken down into talent, entertainment value, reception, crowd participation, originality of interpretation and showmanship.

Most creative was awarded to Anderson for her original rap. She won a $20 gift card. The audience favorite was awarded to Occelin with a $30 gift card. The best performance award went to Carrazco, and he received a $50 gift card.