Athletes focus on faith with Bible Study

The Athletes Bible Study Club is in its second year. It was created by student-athletes from Park University last year. The club holds meetings where the athletes can talk about the Bible and their relationship with their religion. The club restarted its activities and held weekly meetings on Monday nights in February.

To start the semester, the club promoted a dinner at Copley Quad to gather more people and to show them what the purpose is of the meetings. For Alissa Flint, a sophomore majoring in Spanish, “the dinner had a good turnout and the organizers could share their ideas with different people.”

One of the purposes of the club is to connect people with the Bible and its teachings. Every meeting, one of the organizers reads a passage from the Bible, and afterward, they have a conversation between the members of the club to share their thoughts about the passage. Elcio Cunha, a freshman majoring in Business Management, said the meetings are a good way to connect people with their religion.

“The more we know about God’s teachings, the more we will improve in our life and will become a better person,” he said.

According to Flint, during the meetings, the club also helps the students make new friends at Park. She explained that after the meetings started, she made new friends from different teams around the campus, and now is able to talk with different people about multiple topics.

“It is about being a good community, where we can come together and talk about life, the Bible, and have deep conversations,” Flint said.

The club has set some goals for the rest of the semester, including the creation of a Bible study group in every team at the university.

“I’m happy because it’s been a while since I studied the Bible. Being able to restart is something that makes me feel good,” Cunha said.