Research and Creative Arts Symposium


Park University hosted its annual Research and Creative Arts Symposium on April 22 and 23. Students were able to showcase their hard work that had been completed throughout the semester.

The first day of the symposium held the fine art sessions. This included interior design poster presentations, graphic design presentations and oral presentations of various projects, among many others.

Students from a variety of departments within the creative arts were given the chance to showcase their favorite works they have completed throughout their academic careers. By participating, they were able to not only showcase their hard work, but were given the opportunity to practice presentation skills that may be beneficial in their future careers.

Two multimedia journalism and public relations students who gave an oral presentation were junior Jon Hokenson and senior Emilie Heston. They presented the final version of the capstone project they completed with three other students in fall 2018.

This 15-minute presentation was held in the Watson Literacy Center classroom.

Hokenson said that participating in the symposium was a great way to learn new experiences that could be applied to future careers.

“It’s a great way to get an experience you probably won’t get again,” said Hokenson, “Even if you don’t like public speaking, one of the great things about college is it’s kind of a no-lose scenario to fail. If you’re going to fall flat on your face giving a presentation, why not do it in front of a group of professors rather then a group of colleagues or a group or prospective bosses?”

Students from all departments are always encouraged to participate in the Research and Creative Arts Symposium because they can use the opportunity to show off their hard work, learn new experiences and put their contribution with the symposium onto their resumes to show future employers what they are capable of.