Lights out in lot N

Resident student parking lot left without working street lights

Kalie Strain, Editor-in-chief

Students living in the Copley Quad dormitory have found their designated parking lot, lot N, to be covered in darkness at night.

“Besides hitting cars or students, you always have to keep an eye out for other people,” said Megan Cantley, a junior psychology major and Copley Quad resident. “The back of the parking lot and the fields and the trees are scary even with lights.”

Cantley works the night shift at her job and finds herself parking in the dark often.

There is one streetlight inside the parking lot, but it doesn’t work. This leaves the parking spots near the trees and the track in near pitch blackness.

“Due to past experiences, I feel uneasy in the dark,” said Katlynn McPherson, a junior middle school education major and Copley Quad resident.

McPherson refuses to be in the parking lot by herself. She said she makes her boyfriend or a friend accompany her whenever she finds herself needing to go to lot N.

“I don’t want to be trafficked,” she said while laughing. “It’s a dark parking lot.”

Lot N, along with being unlit, is far from any building where someone could get help if they’re being followed.

There is an emergency box located near the concession stand for Julien Field, which sits adjacent to lot N. The darkest parts of the parking lot are the farthest from the emergency box.

Parking in better-lit parking lots isn’t an option for Copley Quad residents. According to an email sent by Campus Safety on Aug. 20, resident students have to park in lot N or the parking lot by Chesnut, lot U. If they’re elsewhere on campus, they will be ticketed.

Lot U, while better lit than lot N, does not have enough parking for all Copley Quad and Chesnut residents.

Copley Quad residents that feel unsafe in lot N at night can call Campus Safety at 816-584-6444. They offer free escorts 24/7.


Correction: The version of this story printed in The Stylus on September 6 misspelled Chesnut Hall.