Beating the blues this season

As winter endures, sometimes it feels like there’s nothing left to do. This is especially true for college students living in the middle of a pandemic.

To help with that, here are some places to go and activities students can do to stay busy, and they are located right here in Parkville.

Get coffee at Parkville Coffee

As the cold weather continues, hot beverages become a must have. Parkville Coffee has lots to choose from including their winter seasonal beverages like peppermint mocha, eggnog latte, chog nog, gingerbread latte and pumpkin pie latte.

Get out and try one of these new drinks, or stick to “the usual,” while supporting a local business.

Take a walk at English Landing

It can be hard to get outside right now with motivation seeming to fly out the window, but going on walks, even just every once in a while, can help boost your mood and energy while providing you with a lot of other health benefits. English Landing Park is a great spot to take in some scenery and get some exercise.

Have a movie night

Movie nights are a classic. You can invite some friends over, make some hot cocoa, and watch festive movies.

With Covid-19, this might look a little different because less people might be involved, but even getting together with a small group of friends can help cure the seasonal blues.

Watch a Chiefs game

Football games are still going on, even if they don’t look exactly the same. It might be more difficult to go watch games in person, but you can still have a game day watch party with some close friends.

Make some classic game day food like sliders, wings or nachos, turn on the game, and then cheer for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Take some pictures at Parkville Nature Sanctuary

Each month the Friends of Parkville Nature Sanctuary hosts a contest to decide on the best picture to promote the sanctuary. The winner gets their picture displayed in various places and a giftcard to Parkville Coffee. Here is more information on the contest.

If you aren’t into taking pictures of nature, it could also be a nice time to have a cute photoshoot with some friends. You can dress up for the weather and choose some places around Parkville to get some shots.