Students to display work at the Research and Creative Arts Symposium

Savanna Engelmohr, Reporter

Annually, Park University hosts the Research and Creative Arts Symposium where both undergraduate and graduate students are given the opportunity to display and present the work they have completed during their academic career.

Students choose what they want to display. It may be something from a completed course or an independent project that was developed through collaboration with a faculty member.

Attendees can expect to see poster presentations of laboratory or research findings, research papers, oral presentations, visual art installations, graphic design installations, musical presentations and virtual presentations during the symposium.

This year, the Research and Arts Symposium will be held April 22 and 23. The poster and art sessions will begin first in Park Avenue in the underground, and then will be followed up by oral sessions in the Watson Learning Center classroom.

On April 22, the fine arts sessions, including interior design and graphic design presentations, will be featured. On April 23, the non-art presentations, including political science panels and honor student research project reports, will be featured.

Currently there are expected to be between 35 to 40 student presentations. Students from all departments are encouraged to attend this year’s event and are especially encouraged to consider participating in the future.

“I would love to see other disciplines display either oral presentations or poster presentations in the future,” said Honors Program Director and Associate Professor of Biology Patricia Ryberg, Ph.D.

By participating in the Research and Creative Arts Symposium, students are not only able to showcase their hard work but will also learn helpful presentation skills in a judgment-free environment that will help in their future careers.

Students also have the opportunity to include their presentations at the symposium on their resumes to show future employers what they are capable of.

“It benefits the students because they’ve done a poster presentation or an oral presentation in a public form so they can put on their resume, which says, ‘oh look this person can do research or a display and they can actually present it to the public,’ which is a skill that employers are looking for,” said Ryberg.

The event is completely free and open to anyone wanting to attend. A spread of donuts, cookies and coffee will also be provided free of charge.