Add to Queue: 10 Songs for your next road trip


10 songs for your playlist

Imagine more than 200 hours in one position – arms and legs locked in place, eyes wide open while your body parts alternate aches and pains. Temporary relief comes only in the form of gas stations where you visit briefly to use the restroom, restock and refuel.

This was my experience for most of the summer. I drove from Kansas City to destinations like Dallas, Branson, Houston, and Canada. Hours and hours of stiff positioning were made tolerable with one thing: music!

For the record, I did not hog the aux.

Those with me contributed new favorites each trip. However, my playlist already had hours of diverse music including indie, French, pop, R&B, EDM and any other genre you could imagine. Since placing them all here is a bit ridiculous, I’ll pick a few!

Here are a few songs you should include on your next road trip, whether you’re traveling five hours, 12 hours or endlessly, like I did, there’s music from a variety of genres.