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Cheyenne McGinnis, Reporter

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Christmas is rolling around the corner, and as the true meaning tends to be hushed, gifts are always on the top of everyone’s minds.
Most of us are broke college students and gift giving tends to be more stressful than anything else, but it can still be thoughtful and clever gifts within a budget. First, Marshalls and TJMaxx are going to be your best friend. One-stop shopping for all your gift giving needs, is anything better than that?
For him:
The men in our lives can sometimes be a struggle to shop for. Not all are beer lovers with a knack for ties. So, where does that lead us?
Sports gear
Marshalls and TJMaxx tend to sell an abundance of Nike, Adidas, Puma and much more for items under $30.  These items include tops and pants along with socks, shoes and hats. All name-brand for the fraction of the cost.
Smell goods are always a great gift. There tends to be an entire section all year long for more than half off well named brands. The downside is there is no tester for the colognes, but one could go to Sephora or Macy’s and smell around, find the preferred scent and then hunt around at Marshalls.
From goofy gag gifts to high tech splurges, there are lots of options. Consider phone, car and music accessories, drones or alcohol containers.
For her:
The gals in your life might have a few items on their list they are dying to have, but it can be hard to narrow it down.
Gifts in a jar
Marshalls sells a lot of knick-knacks that can fit into a big clear jar that is also sold in the home goods section. Finding objects of similar color or theme that can fit into the jar gives clever gifts giving points. Here’s one idea: make a movie themed jar with candy, movies, popcorn, some fuzzy socks and PJs.
Marshalls and TJMaxx sell loads of discounted high-end makeup. From brushes to eye shadow palettes, it’s there. Sometimes it can be a hunt to find these products, but names such as Marc Jacobs, Too Faced, Stila and even Mac, have all been found.
For anyone:
Home decor
Anyone could use a good blanket or coffee mug. There is loads of house decor for everyone on your list, from holiday snow globes to modern Buddha statues. There are literally aisles filled to the brim of picture frames, containers and candles. The best part is that the candles start at a whopping $2.99, which is better than any sale at Bath and Body Works.
The gift giving season does not have to be stressful. If you can’t find anything at these stores, you can never go wrong with an Amazon gift card or a gift card to any restaurant, because who doesn’t like a free, or at least discounted, night out?
If you are really lacking on the money though, and want to bring on a few tears from mom and dad, DIY gifts can be found all over Pinterest. No matter your age, a painting with your hand print should always get the job done…hopefully. Christmas is more about giving and not what you give, so chin up, find what you can and explain that it was given with heart. Even if they don’t like it, at least they’ll fake it and return it later.

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