Conversation partners brings together international and domestic students

Carin Bublitz, Reporter

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Going to a new country where you have a hard time speaking the language and not many people speak your native language can be difficult. Conversation Partners is a new program at Park University that brings together students of all cultures, both international and domestic, to share their experiences and practice their English language skills with each other, on- on-one.
The program’s 22 members pick their own partner and meet once a week for 30 minutes at a time to talk. Even though students do get to pick their own partners, they do not have the same partner every week. They switch partners every so often so that every member gets to have a conversation with each other.
“Each partner is very nice,” said Chinese music performance major Gin Lei, a freshman. “I think it’s a good way to communicate with each other,” she said.
The scheduling is extremely flexible. Students arrange a meeting with their partner on their own, which means they can schedule their meeting between classes, in the morning for coffee, or they can go grab lunch together.
Conversation Partners offers a wide range of benefits for not only the international student, but the domestic student as well.
“It’s a chance for students to meet other students,” said Amy Jenkins, director of the English language and culture institute at Park University. “It’s a chance for a cultural exchange between two people. It’s an opportunity to make new friends, for international students to learn more about Park and America, and for domestic students to learn more about the international student’s home country, their perspectives and views,” said Jenkins.
The group also allows international students to meet with their partners and listen to different American accents and practice their speaking skills with feedback and corrections from the domestic student.
If Conversation Partners sounds like something you would be interested in, it is not too late to join. You can join at any time, and be included in meeting new friends from all over the world by contacting either Amy Jenkins at [email protected] or Michael House at [email protected] and telling them you are interested.

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Conversation partners brings together international and domestic students