General health and wellness during the Covid-19

Annika Ruskievicz, Editor

COVID-19 has brought most of the country to a standstill, and it has affected us greatly. Many organizations and businesses have closed – schools, restaurants, gyms and more.

“Both my husband’s school and my school are closed for the remaining of the semester so we are staying home unless absolutely needing to go somewhere, and if we do need something only one of us goes and the other stays at home with our daughter. Of course we are continuing to practice hand hygiene and keeping everything as clean as possible. We are also continuing to stay updated with the CDC guidelines,” stated Kaitlyn Mattis, a junior nursing major.

The CDC has put out many regulations for Americans to follow, such as restricting the amount of people allowed to be in areas together, to stay at least six feet away from others and even recommending at-home quarantines.

Some business that are still open, like hospitals, grocery stores and pharmacies, have taken precautions to clean and disinfect surfaces every hour.

There are many things an individual can do to protect themselves and their family.  First, wash hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds. Use hand sanitizer that is at least 60 percent alcohol, and avoid touching your face.

Stay home if feeling ill in any way, and try to avoid contact with someone who is sick. If you happen to be sick, make sure to wear a face mask. “A face mask can help prevent the spread to illness to others.” Stated from the CDC website.

At home, wipe down frequently-used areas like door knobs, tables counters, remotes and game controllers daily.

“From the minute I heard about a new virus found in China, I went out and bought a few of those mini hand sanitizers. I definitely stay very alert because every day it changes,” stated Lena Desko, a sophomore studying communications Studies  at Park University. Desko is home with her young daughter. “As of recently I have made the decision for both of us to just stay at home until all this blows over. With the rates going up, there is only a higher chance of us catching it.”

According to the Kansas City Star, a lot of area cities are issuing “stay at home orders” to help prevent further spread. As of March 21, Kansas City as well as Johnson, Jackson and Wyandotte counties issued the order to stay home as much as possible. The orders allow residents to leave for the hospital, grocery store and any essential business. This will be in effect until mid-April. stated as of March 19, all 50 states are reported to have people infected with COVID-19.

According to the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services, as of March 27 the state had 670 COVID-19 cases and nine deaths attributed to the virus.  For more information on how to stay safe visit for more.