The Scribe submission deadline extended to March 15


Every year Park University students are offered a chance to explore and share their creativity with the school literary magazine, The Scribe. Students can submit creative writing and art pieces for a chance to have their work published.

Editor-in-chief for The Scribe and senior English major Madelyne Hartleroad shares what The Scribe is all about.

“We take all kinds of fiction work created by Park students, and we also take artwork. It can be photographs or pictures of sculptures and paintings and drawings,” said Hartleroad.

They also take graphic design images and usually have short stories, poems, memoirs and even short play scripts.

The Scribe is published once a year and a student team works to put together all of the submissions. Right now, alongside Hartleroad, there is a marketing editor and two additional members that work on reading submissions and creating the magazine.

“Unfortunately, everyone on our staff is a senior, so it’s a little bit stressful thinking about how we’re going to get new students involved,” explained Hartleroad. The Scribe is looking for new editorial members, and students are encouraged to join.

“You can get a firsthand experience with putting together a literary magazine, if you joined the editorial team, which I think is great experience if you’re wanting to go into book publishing or magazine design or anything like that,” said Hartleroad.

Due to COVID-19, there have been fewer student submissions and the deadline has been extended to March 15.

“The big problem we’re struggling with is being so busy with adjusting to online school and the fact that it just seems more stressful. I don’t think a lot of students are doing creative work on that realm this year,” said Hartleroad.

As it will be more difficult for The Scribe team to distribute physical copies of the book this year, they will be setting up a website with a digital copy and will be sending out the link to those who submitted work.

“I think The Scribe is a great way to see what students are working on and what’s important to them,” said Hartleroad.

Students have until March 15 to submit up to three pieces by using the online submission form, requiring the student’s name and category for submission. The Scribe will continue working to share students’ creativity in one way or another during this pandemic.