Best breakfast spot in North Kansas City

Located in the Iron District of North Kansas City, Crepe KC is a crepe and coffee shop that serves sweet and savory treats.

Opened in 2020, this creperie works to distinguish itself by using only the freshest ingredients. That includes working beside local farmers to ensure the quality of their food. Also, Crepe KC only serves coffee that is roasted in Kansas City.

The secret recipe has been passed down from owner, Sandra Zuercher’s grandmother. Listed as “The Original” on Crepe KC’s menu, this is actually the same crepe Zuercher’s grandmother would make for her in the late 90s.

“There’s a lot of family history and love with Crepe KC, and we want our customers to feel that sense of community and love,” says employee Emily Hermes. “We’re really passionate about what we do. We want people to eat our crepes, drink our coffee and really just enjoy themselves here.”

The customer favorite Nutella crepe features hazelnut spread and banana slices, topped with fresh strawberries, whipped cream and powdered sugar. Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, this shop has something for everyone. Savory crepes like the BLT, caprese, and ham and egg are also on the menu.

Business hours can be found on their website.