Parkville Nutrition gives prominence to healthy living

Expanding health and wellness company gives Parkville more options

Abby Jeans, Reporter

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Abby Jeans
Owner Kim Scantlin holds a Captain America tea, a drink served at Parkville Nutrition

Parkville Nutrition can be the future to a healthier you, according to Kim Scantlin, who started the business at 24 years old. Equipped with a smoothie bar, wellness coaches, and soon-to-be gym, Scantlin promises this will be the freshest place in Parkville to start living a healthier life. .

“I used to be a coach who worked from home,” said Scantlin. “In 2007, a nutrition wellness concept came about and I jumped on board.”

Scantlin started her business in Tampa Bay, Fla., where she was living at the time. Due to her father’s health, she returned to the Midwest leading her to open in Parkville.

Parkville Nutrition is currently in an expansion process where they will offer new gym services.

“We are adding fitness along with our nutrition club,” said Scantlin. “On the nutrition side, there will be coaches who specialize in weight maintenance, weight loss, nutrition energy, inner and outer nutrition, and athletic performance. We will also have our smoothie bar in there as well.”

The smoothie bar is a healthy meal replacement option where people can purchase a nutritional smoothie which comes with a hot or iced tea. The smoothie bar offers a variety of options from fruit flavors to sweet sensations. Smoothies are high in protein and low in calories and are paired with teas designed the owner says will burn up to 100 calories and boost energy.

With the expansion of Parkville nutrition, guests will be able to have their healthy meal and also get in a workout. The fitness side will offer hit training classes, which is full body implementation and supplementation.

There is no gym membership required to participate at the Parkville Nutrition gym. The gym operates by offering 8 week classes that cost $160 in total. Those who sign up will have two classes a week and the focus is on transformation.

“It’s not like a typical gym where you’re going in and out and we don’t know what your goals are,” said Scantlin. “It’s about teaming up with a wellness coach and a personal trainer to help you get the best results possible.”

The focus of the gym is mindset. “It’s 80 percent nutrition, 20 percent fitness, and 100 percent mindset,” she says. “Without that accountability and support none of the other stuff works.”

Sophomore nursing major Emily Hogan has been utilizing Parkville Nutrition’s smoothie bar. She goes nearly every day, either for breakfast or lunch. While the nutritional smoothies are what drew Emily in, it was the friendly staff at Parkville Nutrition, she said, that keeps her coming back.

“I love going there because the girls are always super nice and positive. It’s a great way to start my day,” said Hogan. “They are always so helpful. If I have any questions about anything they are always happy to answer.”

Hogan’s favorite drink is the Chocolate Carmel Cheesecake smoothie paired with a peach tea.

Parkville Nutrition is currently located at 6325 Lewis Street #118, Kansas City, Mo.  Upon the completion of their expansion the store will be located at 8835 63rd Street, Parkville, Mo.

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Parkville Nutrition gives prominence to healthy living