Education majors relieved with plans for teaching placements

Cynthia Clark, Editor

When Park University’s classes shifted online due to rising concerns over the coronavirus, some majors and programs had to make drastic changes to their entire programs, one of them being education.

On Wednesday, March 25, Suzanne Tiemann, Ph.D., director of undergraduate programs for the School of Education, announced suspension of the department’s requirement to pass the Missouri Content Assessment before teaching placement for the 2020-2021 academic year.

“We value your mental and emotional health as well as your academic success. The COVID-19 Pandemic has temporarily closed all of the Missouri Content Assessment (MoCA) testing sites throughout the State of Missouri.”

The announcement also stated all other teaching requirements are mandatory for graduation, and all students should prepare to take the assessment as soon as the testing centers are operational.

“We are very happy that the School of Education is being so understanding during this time,” said Paige Evert, a senior elementary education major. “Our professors are so understanding, we know that they have our backs 100 percent and do whatever it takes in order for us to be successful.”

Kaylea Bradshaw, a senior secondary education and social sciences major, was relieved when the announcement was made.

“I was worried when we went completely online about certification testing and requirements for observation hours,” she said. “Thankfully, everyone has been very reassuring and helpful during this uncertain time.”

According to both students, going online was a little overwhelming at first, but now that they are in the swing of things and have a well-planned out schedule, it’s smooth sailing.