Popculture Gourmet Popcorn & Ice Cream Relocates to Downtown


Natalya Nalivaiko, Reporter

Popculture Gourmet Popcorn & Ice Cream is coming to downtown Parkville in late spring 2021. Popculture owners said the store has outgrown its space in Parkville Commons. This move will benefit the business and the community in many ways.

Co-owners, Justin and Melody Woo, share how the relocation will impact them in the future.

“Downtown Parkville gives us an opportunity to introduce Popculture to anybody who’s visiting just to experience downtown Parkville and the riverfront,” said Justin Woo. “That really is a big draw.”

Melody Woo added, “That’s going to bring more people in and get our product into more hands, just by the nature of it.”

As Popculture has grown since the Woos purchased the shop in 2019, there is a need for more space to produce products for both stores, in Parkville and in Overland Park.

“For our production to satisfy the needs that we have for creativity, and to push the popcorn flavors into a different direction, and to get Popculture into the future, we need more space,” said Justin Woo.

As the business moves forward, the owners said they want to embrace the atmosphere of new creations and stay up to date with the needs of their customers and community.

“We have popcorn for the older generation, and we’re also wanting to bring popcorn to the newer generation, and try to satisfy their needs as well,” said Justin Woo.

Popculture has more than 45 flavors of popcorn and is available to order various combinations online for delivery.

“You can get cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper!” said Melody Woo, explaining the diversity in the flavors Popculture creates.

The relocation to downtown Parkville will not only bring in more foot traffic from people visiting the area, but it will also allow Popculture to further support their community in many ways.

“We’re big on partnerships,” said Justin Woo. “We’re the official popcorn of the Mavericks.” He added, “We work with a lot of businesses for, like customization of logos for gifts and things like that.”

Popculture partners with a family-owned wholesaler who provides the ice cream for the business. They also partner with other local businesses and collaborate with them to make new flavors of popcorn based on another business’ food products.

In the new retail space, Popculture will share an entrance with a bakery going in downtown.

“We’re really excited to have that kind of partnership that we were hoping to develop with that tenant as well, to kind of have that synergy,” said Justin Woo.

Popculture is still in the process of its build and is projected to open sometime in May, according to the owners. The Parkville Commons location remains open now, and Popculture popcorn is always available to order online, allowing customers to customize their orders and even request customized labels for special events.

“We think the outreach from Parkville is just the beginning,” said Justin Woo.