College of Management

Brittany Karst, Editor

Park University is currently making plans to build a new building for the College of Management that will be located right inside the main entrance of the Parkville campus.

The building will house the School of Business as well as providing, “New, and modern, spaces designed to provide for collaboration and innovation,” according to President Greg Gunderson, Ph.D.

The planned location of the business building means Alumni House will have to be removed or demolished. Park is currently fundraising to relocate and save the Alumni House, but the effort is falling short, even with the added alumni and social media push. While the goal is to relocate the house and maintain its integrity, if the fundraising falls short, the plans will then include finding ways to integrate items and character from Alumni House within the new business school structure.

“The placement of this building, at our main entrance, will remind our community that Park is a growing university and give our business programs a long-needed home,” said Dr. Gunderson.

The building is planned to open in two years. In order to stay on schedule, the administration plans to break ground in six months. The building is still in the design stage, but right now it is envisioned as a three-story structure of approximately 25,000 square feet.