Spring 2021 Commencement Ceremony

MacKenzie Coder, Reporter

The recording of Park University’s spring 2021 graduation ceremony will be available on Saturday, May 8. The link will be posted on Park’s website prior to commencement, but it won’t be possible to view the video until 12 p.m. CST

Provost Shellie Myers, Ed.D., said that an in-person ceremony had been considered, but it was not going to be possible.

“We were waiting to make a decision based on what the environmental conditions were showing us. We would have loved to have gone with a live event, but I think that the environment is going to show that we wouldn’t have been able to do it anyway,” Dr. Myers said.

Although this commencement will be different from those prior to the pandemic, Dr. Meyers notes that Park faculty are doing their best to make sure it still feels special for the graduating class.

When students apply for graduation, they will receive an email at their Park email address informing them of their next steps. One of those next steps is the opportunity to record and submit a video of themselves that will be played in the graduation ceremony.

“If they want to do a short video recording of them, just to say thank you for the support they had, or to celebrate, or whatever, there’s an opportunity for them to do that. There’s also an opportunity for them to include a quote,” Dr. Myers said.

The deadline to apply for the May virtual commencement is March 15. The deadline for students to submit their video and quote is April 21.