Park alumni honored at annual awards ceremony


In the celebration of Park University Homecoming week, there is one thing alumni don’t want to miss, and that is the Alumni Association awards ceremony.

The 2021 Alumni Annual Awards Recognition Ceremony was held on Sept. 30 at the Jenkin and Barbara David Theater in Alumni Hall.

Chief Strategic Communications Officer Erik Bergrud hosted the ceremony. After he expressed a warm welcome to all the guests and alumni, Interim President Shane Smeed gave a speech.

Four annual awards were given.

Kenthedo Robinson was the recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus Award for outstanding performance in career service or community achievement.

Edna Martinson, recipient of the Park Promising Young Professional Award, was recognized for early professional achievements, outstanding leadership skills and a positive impact on the community. This award highlights alumni who are expected to continue to succeed.

The recipient of Marlowe Sherwood Memorial Service Award was Carneysha Mendoza. This award recognizes alumni who have contributed a lot of volunteer services to the community and civic organizations

Finally, the recipient of the Torchlighter Award, Rich Linden, was honored for his significant, long-term contributions and commitments to Park University.

All these outstanding alumni and individuals are good role models for all Park University students. The power of role models is the motivation for students to move forward. Students can learn from them, inspire them and provide guidance on the way forward.