Local coffee companies offer more than meets the eye

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Coffee is an essential part of many college student’s life. It fuels the long nights of studying and early mornings of lecture. But is the usual coffee order just not doing it for you anymore? It’s time to put down the Starbucks, unplug the Keurig and revamp your coffee life.

One of the many great qualities about Park University is its close proximity to downtown Kansas City, with its abundance of coffee shops.

The coffee extravaganza begins in the River Market neighborhood. Opera House is a large coffee shop that makes for the perfect study space. From high-tops to booths to couches, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to get comfy while you sip on a delicious cup of handmade coffee. If you get hungry while you’re there, don’t worry! Just head over to the grill where you can find a number of healthy food options. Decide you need something a little sweet after your meal? There’s a bakery to curb your sweet tooth. And if you need a drink a little stronger than the coffee, just head over to the bar where you can order anything from a beer to a coffee cocktail. There’s something for everyone at Opera House. When you go, give the iced raspberry beret with soy milk a try.

If you know it’s going to be a late night studying, make your way over to Thou Mayest. Located on 18th street, this coffee shop will have your back for late study sessions as it’s the only coffee shop in town that is open until 10 p.m. Enjoy a chai tea latte during your next visit, and, while you’re there, check out their cereal bar. Grab a bowl of Cheerios, and don’t forget to add espresso!

Next stop is the Messenger Coffee Company. This up-and-coming coffee shop is located in the Crossroads Art District. This spacious cafe has three floors, one being a rooftop deck. As the weather warms up you can enjoy a delicious cup of artisan-roasted coffee while taking in the beautiful views of Kansas City. You’re sure to fall in love with not only the atmosphere and delicious drinks, but with the respect Messenger has for their coffee and where it comes from. Holding relationships with farmers from El Salvador, Guatemala and Ethiopia, Messenger proudly shares on its website, “We never force a coffee to be something that it’s not meant to be – our farmers work hard to create great coffees – we are just the messengers.”

Next time you’re at the Messenger keep it simple and try their vanilla almond milk latte.

If you’re looking for a coffee shop that is unique and different, Monarch is your new go-to in the Ambassador Building in the Valentine neighborhood. The quaint shop includes a drawing room in the basement for events and parties. Monarch hosts a number of events including book clubs and pop-up workshops. While you’re at the Monarch try their Wild Child with a splash of their delicious oat milk.

If you’re wanting to keep your coffee outings closer to campus then Headrush Roasters is the place to be. Located in the Village at Briarcliff, Headrush serves a number of delicious gourmet coffees. Their newly-renovated patio and fire pit makes for a cozy spot, and, while you’re staying out of the city, you can still enjoy its beautiful skyline views. Enjoy their signature caramel rush or mix it up and try the blueberry match bubble tea latte.

Abby Jeans
Parkville Coffee house Carmel drizzle latte

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Local coffee companies offer more than meets the eye