“Representation matters”


Park Athletics

Laney Lupe was celebrated on senior day by her parents, coach and athletic director.

Laney Lupe, shooting guard for women’s basketball, is finishing up her senior year at Park University.

Lupe, a transfer from Central Arizona College, appreciates how Park celebrates diversity. She is Native American, a member of the White Mountain Apache Tribe. “Representation matters,” she said, “and just respecting others around you and their background.” She said that she is thankful that she has felt respected by the community at Park, both in the classroom and on the court.

One of the biggest lessons that Lupe learned from basketball is to persevere. She said regardless of the obstacles in front of her, she’s learned to keep pushing and face those challenges head on to the best of her ability. “Whether off the court or on the court, all anyone can ask of you is to do your personal best,” she said.

Lupe thought her basketball career was over when she finished junior college, but she was given another opportunity at Park which is why her advice for current and incoming student athletes is to take it all in. “Just have fun and live in moment to enjoy what you’re doing,” she said. She wants to remind these athletes that a lot of people were unable to have this opportunity, so be thankful to be here and appreciate every moment because it will fly by.

She says her favorite moments of basketball were being with her teammates. She said she cherishes the memories she’s created with them, whether they were celebrating a basket on the court or celebrating a birthday together.

Lupe is currently in her last semester of studying exercise sports science. After graduation, Lupe wants to continue her education in athletic training by earning her master’s.

Both Lupe and fellow senior Dar’Juanah Harris were celebrated on Feb. 4. during Park’s senior day against Graceland.

The Pirates earned the senior day win, 62-50. Lupe made an impact on the game with 9 points with three shots from beyond the arc.