What to wear to an Interview


Derrius L. Ivy, Reporter

Once we’ve graduated use kind of have to use those degrees that put us in debt, right? Well one way to start decreasing those loans is…you guessed it…a job!

As someone who’s had to fire and fire employees, I understand a little of what is expected in an interview.

I’ve been on both sides of the table.

Job hunting can be stressful. You search for openings and apply one by one: typing your name and information repeatedly wishing you could’ve just uploaded your resume and skipped the rest. Countless hours of clicking or scrolling, reading and comparing, questioning and stressing. Am I a good fit? Can I really do this? What if they don’t call back?

Whether or not you actually land the job, you need an arsenal of readiness weaponry to, at least, give you a fighting chance.

Once you’ve gotten that call back for the actual interview, you must prepare. Everything from what to wear, how to smell, how to stand and so forth become crucial. You must be aware of everything about yourself while also being right there in the moment.

So let’s eliminate one stress-the Dress.

Use these infographics of tips and advice from, both, professional and beginners to get the Do’s and Dont’s of Interview Attire.

womens attireDerrius Ivy
mens attireDerrius Ivy