Changes must arrive for music in the classroom

Christian McFadden, Reporter

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Senior, Reporter, Captain of Park University Track & Field Team, Majors in Communication and Minors in Public Relations.

Christian McFadden 


What needs to be different in the classroom involving music? Music, sounds from the instrument or vocals even combined together in a way to produce a wonderful form or a state at which students  expresses one another in numerous ways only to convey emotion and feeling through harmony.


A suggestion was brought up by a concerned student here at Park University. Steven Hill, a young man setting the bar high for others looking to walk down his road of trial and tribulation from his 9 awards for being All American to his 3.5 GPA while continuously making music .Hill is a wonderful representation on why we should have a class that only branches out further from the standard Music appreciation course Park University has today.


ill is an underground professional Hip/Hop artist going by the name of Steven4AReason. Or for short you could call him dollar sign,4AR.  Hill believes along with another student who has a similar mindset and goes by an artist name as CHRIZZY. Or in this case another student currently attending Park University, myself. sees an “Urban Music appreciation class” would be amazing. As a current student at Park University CHRIZZY realizes this can teach kids who want to produce and mix that usually focuses more outside of the classroom, but what’s literally running the world on heavy influential power up till today should ultimately be focused in the classroom.


Me and Hill both seem to understand that the course “Music Appreciation” is phenomenal to acknowledge among any caliber or different genre of any true musician that can gain even more by learning it’s history. Suggestions here and there was thrown out to having full song production with pears and the community would be a great way for mass opportunity.


Following up with interactions with artist, and DJ’s coming in to mentor or to be shadowed allowing the student a perspective and an actual idea of what it would really take to be someone only driven by a powerful passion for an artist, composer, or DJ. This high road to success can be for the better in any direction. Whether you have it or you don’t, but that is the beauty of music, everyone has a song in them. This class that our fellow pirates and musicians have suggested can do so much more than open minds to doorways to better skill sets and personality traits.


Having artist support, each other only brings positivity towards anyone trying to accomplish their dream.

“Hope is something given to or felt by one who has had their faith in themselves strengthened through moral support and new knowledge obtained from affirmative constructive criticism from peers and role models. A rare trait these days is loyalty, something that can only be shown through actions of a cornerstone by ones relationships.”

– CHRIZZY. (Christian McFadden)


PHOTO COURTESY/ STEVEN4AREASON rap artist self made cover art

In turn this could undoubtedly make up a community stronger around these aspiring students for music to not only protect them from failure and shame but to tell them it’s alright to have that one bad song, display, or sound, because that’s what being an artist is all about when it comes to anything self-created from the depths of the imagination there will be faults no matter what. This is when the sculpting of oneself begins and finds the sound, display, or song needs to be worked on for furthering progress of one’s craft.


To be in a classroom free to express oneself in music could be one of the best programs benefiting the student as well as the professor through inspiration and discovery. Learning the history between the urban music as well can really help find someone’s call to a certain genre or position in the world of music.



Cover of Hill’s EP, Submerged

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Changes must arrive for music in the classroom