STD Testing

Brittany Karst, Editor

On Wednesday, April 24, Park University held a free STD clinic on campus. The Platte County Health Department provided free, confidential testing for gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV and syphilis.

The clinic allowed students to visit with a nurse practitioner for any questions that they might have. This has been the third consecutive spring semester this event has come on campus, and they hope to also start doing it in fall semester as well.

Chelsea Carter, who works for the Platte County Health Department as a community health development specialist, was helping work the event.

Chelsea said that having this event on college campuses is super important because they are seeing a rise of STD rates in the college-aged population in Platte County. Being able to meet students on campus makes it more convenient for them. It is also a way to break the stigma surrounded by getting tested.

At the event there were prizes to win for anyone coming to get tested or for anyone just stopping by with questions. The number one goal is to keep students coming back to the free clinic semester after semester. By making it more interactive and making the entire experience more comfortable for students, they are trying to make it more of a safe place for students to get tested without judgement.

Amy Roskell, a senior English major, said, “Getting checked is important for health and your own safety and for others.”