New housing options for Park students

Residents at Park University have a new option where to live. The Office of Residence Life has arranged for students to live in apartments at Park on Six, which is the building on the corner of the 6th Street entrance to campus.

There is limited space for students. Priority will be based on a combination of things including if the student joined the early waiting list, the date the confirmation form was filled out, upperclassman status, being in good university standing, no prior issues in the residence halls, and a paid university account balance according to residence life.

The price of these rooms would be $3250 per semester so $6500 per year. There will also be a $200 deposit instead of the $50 deposit needed to live in the dorms in Copley or Chestnut Hall.

The rooms would be similar to Copley Hall set up, where there are two students in a room and a common area. However, according to Jayme Uden, Dean of Students, there will be some benefits including a fuller kitchen instead of a kitchenette, a full-sized fridge, an on-site gym and on-site laundry facilities. “They’re (the rooms) each a little different because they’re not all cookie cutter rooms.”

In addition, it will be optional if students living in this space must have a meal plan or not said Uden.

According to Residence Life, the contract will start in August 2023 and students living in this building will be billed through university myPark system.

There will be housing policies, much like the on-campus dorms. These include no weapons, no pets and no smoking.

There will be the ability to renew, if continuing as Park student for 2024-2025.

Students who showed interest were invited to tour the apartments on Tuesday, April 25 and Wednesday, April 26.