Park welcomes greek life on campus

Annika Ruskievicz, Editor

Park University offers many opportunities for students to join clubs and groups they are interested in. The opportunity grew in August 2019, when a group of friends decided to create a sorority for women to connect and better help each other.

Jaycee Roe, a sophomore communication studies major, is one of the founders of Park’s Delta Lambda Zeta chapter.

“We basically started with the idea that we wanted a bigger group of women to become friends with,” she said. “We wanted to establish bonds of sisterhood that last a lifetime.”

Delta Lambda Zeta currently has 12 members, but the numbers keep growing. To join, each applicant must meet the requirements which include being a self-identifying woman, having a 2.2 GPA and being enrolled as an undergraduate student.

According to Roe, the sorority was about adapting to the big change of coming to college. The group shares three values: ambition, friendship and inclusivity.

“We try to go off of some of Park’s values like inclusivity. That was part of why we started; that we wanted a very inclusive group of women who wanted to make some friends, and that anyone that needed a community could be a part of one.”

The group is still in the early stages but tries to have monthly meetings. They had a sisterhood dinner in the fall, a secret sister around Christmas time and are planning on doing a rush week in fall 2020.

“Our biggest thing right now is hitting hard on rush for the fall,” Roe said. “We want to make sure we get as many girls as we can and just focus on incoming freshmen girls who would love to be a part of our community and grow.”