Park celebrates National Day on Writing for the first time

Abby Jeans, Editor

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The National Day on Writing is Saturday, Oct. 20. Founded 10 years ago by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), this day is to celebrate and bring greater attention to writing.

This is the first year Park University is participating in the nationwide celebration, thanks to Associate Professor of English Amy Mecklenburg-Faenger, Ph.D., who also serves as the director of ParkWrites. ParkWrites is a university-wide writing across the curriculum program. It focuses on improving writing and writing instruction across the university.  This program involves both students and faculty members.

According to Mecklenburg-Faenger, WAC benefits students by preparing them for the working world. This program also helps and encourages international students and students from underserved populations who might not have strong writing skills. WAC requires professors to train and attend workshops to prepare them to teach writing across disciplines.

“It comes from a place of understanding that we all own writing,” said Mecklenburg–Faenger. “It’s a program designed to give both faculty and students more support and resources for engaging in writing.”

The NCTE is encouraging people to tweet why they write using the hashtag #WhyIWrite. Park University students can get involved by sharing their reason for writing by using the hashtag #WhyParkWrites. When considering the question, Mecklenburg-Faegner admitted that she doesn’t actually like to write.

“I find it super painful; it’s hard,” she said. “But I like how it feels when I have written. I don’t like doing it, but finishing something big and seeing it in print feels pretty great.”

Because the national day on writing falls on a Saturday this year, Park University will be celebrating on Friday, Oct. 19. There will be a fair on the first floor of Thompson from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. featuring writing-related student organizations, writing games and activities.

Tweet why you write with the hashtag #WhyParkWrites.

“I write so that other people don’t feel alone.” Kenzie Lawson, senior marketing major.

“I write because it is easier than talking.” Cheyenne, senior multimedia journalism and public relations major.

“I write because writing is a way we capture something in time and we preserve it for the rest of eternity. So as long as that blog, or article, or notebook exists, you have essentially stopped time for that one moment to say that one thing you needed to say.” Arron Riffle, senior multimedia journalism and public relations major.

“I write for the challenge. It’s a challenge to articulate your words in a way everyone can enjoy and understand. It can be hard, but if you figure out how to unlock that puzzle it is really rewarding.” Connor Jones, senior multimedia journalism and public relations major.

“I write for pleasure, it allows me to get lost in what I’m writing.” Marley Markt, senior elementary education major.

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Park celebrates National Day on Writing for the first time