New Faculty Members on Parkville Campus

Ricki Moran

Assistant professor and assistant director of field education

Background: bachelor’s degree in social work from Park University

Master of science in social work from UMKC

Licensed since 2017

Certified in play therapy and EMDR

From Kearney, Missouri

Moran enjoys reading, hiking, biking and spending time with family and friends. She loves to go geocaching and explore the outdoors.

She and her husband are foster parents and also have one biological child.

Moran is looking to getting involved in the Park University community and getting to know faculty members.


Abhijit Mazumdar, Ph.D.

Assistant professor of journalism

Background: master of science in journalism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Ph.D. in communication from University of Tennessee

Has worked with United News of India, Hindustan Times, Times of India and Outlook

Visiting scholar to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

From Lucknow, India

Mazumdar can speak English, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali

He loves to read about politics, biography and historical accounts. His favorite type of music is from the 1980s.

Mazumdar is looking forward to teaching innovative minds at Park. He hopes to help Park University recruit students from South Asia and get a few research papers published this academic year.


Joshua Mugg, Ph.D.

Assistant professor of philosophy

Background: bachelor’s degrees in religion and history from Missouri Baptist University

Master’s degree and Ph.D. in philosophy from York University

Grew up in St. Louis and has spent six years in Toronto and the last three years teaching at the Indiana University-Kokomo

Mugg enjoys talking about philosophy and exploring topics like free will, the existence of God and religion. He is interested in how humans approach reasoning and, “how much evidence is necessary for rational belief and faith.”

He also enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, renovating his house and brewing beer. He brews everything from IPAs to stouts to sours.

Mugg is looking forward to exploring life’s big questions with students, faculty and staff. Philosophy is not only a profession for him, but also a way of life. He quotes Socrates: “the unexamined life is not worth living.”


Cynthia Cerrentano, Ph.D.

Associate professor of psychology in industrial/organizational psychology and sociology

Background: Undergraduate at Northern Illinois University in psychology

Graduate school at Northern Illinois University in industrial-organizational/social psychology

Doctoral School at Northern Illinois University, industrial-organizational/social psychology

Born in Wisconsin, from Illinois

Currently developing a master’s program in industrial-organizational psychology which the school plans on launching in fall 2019

Cerrantano enjoys reading and listening to podcasts on her way to and from work. She also likes exploring new cuisine and cooking.

She is most excited about getting back into the classroom and for the leaves to change for the fall. She says that Park University is beautiful and makes her feel like she is working in a place on a postcard.


Suzanne Tiemann, Ph.D.

Associate professor and director of undergraduate programs in the School of Education

Bachelor’s of elementary education from Texas A&M University

Master’s and doctorate in educational leadership and cultural studies from the University of Houston

Raised in Texas; lived and worked in Quebec and Delaware

Tiemann enjoys running with her Goldendoodle at English Landing Park. She also enjoys boating, golfing with her family and yoga.

She is looking forward to getting to know faculty members and students at Park University and graduation day, because it is a happy day for everyone.


 Roxann O’Rourke-Sherrodd

Assistant professor, art, design and interdisciplinary

Program coordinator for interior design

Bachelor’s interior design from Mount Mary University

Master’s degree in interior architecture from Chatham University

More than 10 years as a professional interior designer focusing on hospitality environments at various corporate and architectural firms in the Milwaukee, Chicago and Los Angeles areas.

Sherrodd is a current member of the Interior Design Educators Council and has been an interior design educator for the last eight years.

She is from Wisconsin but has lived in Southern California for 11 years.

She enjoys the outdoors – hiking and gardening – as well as attending concerts and music festivals.

She is looking forward to working with students and exposing them to new aspects of interior design and exploring the architecture of Kansas City.


Brandi Handley

Lecturer, English

Bachelor’s degree in English and an M.F.A in creative writing and media arts from University of Missouri-Kansas City

From Kansas City, Missouri

Handley enjoys writing fiction and creative nonfiction as well as watching a lot of movies.

She was an adjunct before being hired full time at Park University.

She is looking forward to being on campus more and getting involved with campus life, sports and university events.


Yonghzi Wang, Ph.D.

Assistant professor in computer science

Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science in China

Ph.D. in computer science from Florida International University.

From Xi’an, China; spent five years in Miami, Florida.

Wang’s research interests include computer security, computer network, data management and processing, and program analysis.

He enjoys playing the guitar and likes sports like basketball, ping pong, soccer and tennis.

He is looking forward to setting up a new concentration for the department in cyber security.