Radio Isn’t Dead


You many often hear the phrase “radio is a dead” but it couldn’t be further from the truth because many still enjoy tuning into their favorite AM or FM station daily.

It was thought television and internet would beat out radio as the top source of entertainment, but, since its invention, the radio still remains a popular entertainment medium among many generations.

Tuning into radio stations can give a sense of nostalgia, while at the same time introducing you to new music and information.

The radio is a great source for finding a newly-dropped single or album and introducing you to new artists. They do the research to find the newest and greatest hits that may have been missed otherwise.

A personality behind the scenes brings some life to stations as well instead of just allowing the constant stream of music to become monotonous.

Often we look through our phone’s music library and find ourselves bored with the choices; we don’t always have the time to search through YouTube, so the radio makes for a convenient way of introducing us to new music.

Nightlife can even be altered through the help of the radio as they align concerts for their given area and give the breaking news of who will be in the city. Many stations, like 96.5 The Buzz, host their own concerts, which provides the opportunity of seeing your favorite bands that might not typically come to the Kansas City area.

Stations hosting their own concerts often leads to live interviews with band members, giving the insight to their personal lives and even hearing live performances on-air.

Radio stations engage their audiences. Contest are one example of this.

Kansas City has an abundance of radio stations to choose from to fit every style of music, so it’s easy to find something you will enjoy. Therefore, there will never be a reason to have to look through your phone while driving. Rather then searching for songs in your phone’s playlist, try the safer option by turning on the radio where you can hear great music, entertaining DJs, and so much more.