Netflix’s Queer Eye Delights As Expected

Savanna Engelmohr, Reporter

I’m not going to lie; Queer Eye is arguably one of the best shows of this century. It is filled with light hearted, humorous moments alongside emotionally touching ones. You are guaranteed to laugh your way through and probably even shed a few tears.

Queer Eye’s main cast, known as the Fab Five, includes Karamo Brown, Tan France, Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, and Jonathan Van Ness.

Each season the Fab Five bring their flair to a new city to improve the lives and confidences of the individuals nominated.

The newest season was released March 15 and I naturally, thanks to Netflix, binged the entire season in one day.

I was pleased to say that this season held the high standards I had from my watching of the previous two. Like the previous seasons, I found myself emotionally invested in the lives of the nominated individuals and was touched by their journeys.

Though this series followed the same pattern of the previous two before it, season three was extra special for locals because the entire season was filmed in and around Kansas City.

Yes, the fab five tromped around the metropolitan area and brought a special glow to this already great city. To quote the great Jonathan Van Ness, “Can you believe?”

The Fab Five swept into the lives of nine Kansas City residents and transformed their sense of self-worth, fashion senses, homes, cooking skills and self-care habits.

The series included eight episodes and featured nine individuals, or “heroes” as defined by the show, who were nominated by loved ones because of their desperate need for a transformational lifestyle change.

Like previous seasons, the Fab Five each used their special talents to transform the lives of the nominated heroes.

This season was no different. Karamo made me cry in every episode, Bobby as always outdid himself stylistically, Tan lived up to his title as a fashion genius, Antoni prepared the most delicious looking dishes, and Jonathan slayed while he transformed dull individuals into looking gorgeous.

Season three was the first time the Fab Five helped a duo, the Jones sisters. Operating a family-owned barbecue joint in Kansas City, Kan., sisters Mary, or “Shorty”, and Deborah, or “Little,” were in desperate need of a lifestyle transformation. Dedicating their lives to the restaurant left no time to care for themselves. The Fab Five came into the sisters’ lives and transformed everything from their business to their appearances and confidences.

This season was also the first time a young lesbian was helped by the Fab Five. Jess Gilbo was an out and proud lesbian, but because of her sexual orientation her family shunned her. The Fab Five came into her life and transformed her completely by helping with her appearance and confidence. She was also reconnected with her heritage and with her biological sister and niece.

Season three also featured Bruley, the Fab Five’s new French bulldog mascot who was not only a perfect addition because he is an adorable dog, but because he himself is a Kansas City native.

To say this season was fantastic would be underselling it. Not only was I able to see Kansas City shown in such a beautiful way, but I was also able to experience the emotionally raw moments of beautiful individuals.

I’m not sure what the word did to deserve the Fab Five and a show like Queer Eye, but I am glad to be able to have a show that showcases these beautiful souls who love unconditionally, accept all, and embrace life to the fullest.