Adventure on a College Budget


Most college students would agree money is tight, but they would argue that limited funds should not mean limited enjoyment in life. Students should still get the opportunity to go out and explore to bring excitement to the weekend. In just under a 20-minute drive, Park University students have the opportunity to be surrounded in the vast cultural experience of Kansas City for little to no money.

  1. The Nelson- Atkins Museum of Art

Whether you are an art enthusiast or simply enjoy having the unique experience of immersing yourself into different cultures, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is for you. It is home to more than 34,000 pieces of art, including pieces by famous artists like Picasso, Monet and Warhol.

The museum continues outside to the Sculpture garden where you can walk around or have a picnic in the beautifully landscaped lawn and see sculptures like the famous Shuttlecocks.

Also check out: Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.

  1. First Fridays

The first Friday of every month, Kansas City’s art scene comes to life in the Cross Roads Art District. Local businesses open their doors after normal hours to the public attending the event. There are food trucks, local and national artists, unique performances, art exhibits, live music and more around every corner.  The Crossroads Art District is more then just First Fridays, though. Every other day of the month, this historic area is home to many unique oddity and antique shops, galleries and cafés.

  1. Boulevard Brewing Company

If you enjoy the art of craft beer and find yourself wanting to know more about the process, Boulevard Brewing Company offers a free 45 minute tours every Wednesday and $5 tours every other day of the week. The tours include a walkthrough of the factory to see how the beer is made and ends in the tasting room where you can experience the brews first hand.

  1. Westport

The day scene of Westport means visiting the historic buildings that house various local cafés, restaurants and shops. Then the transformation occurs as Westport’s night scene evolves into various bars to meet up with friends or a place to make new ones. There are bars for every age range resulting in a variety of KC locals to be around.

  1. Union Station

Union Station is a historic iconic staple of Kansas City. Explore the train station to learn its history and see its grand architecture. Union Station is home to more then just a way to access trains; it houses a movie theater, an Escape Room, Science city, restaurants, shops and various exhibits depending on the time of year. There is even access to the link which you can take to easily visit Crown Center.