5 Crucial Interview Tips

Tips from Pros to help ace your next Interview!



Being on time is crucial!

Finding a job or switching jobs is nerve racking. The interview process can be difficult for some people. Each employer has a set standard they go by. You have to ensure you are able to adapt to different requirements and expectations. Despite the job title, the descriptions and excitation will vary.

I worked in management (see my experience here) and quickly learned that people aren’t as prepared as they could be for interviews. People would come in nicely dressed but badly groomed: neatly groom but unprepared or completely unprepared and dressed wrong.

People know the basics: show up early, sit up straight and speak clearly, but there are many factors to an interview like how to sit, what question to ask and certain phrases to avoid.

This especially depends on who you’re interviewing with and what the position is for.

You need to be prepared for different types of interviews by knowing what to wear and how to leave a lasting impression. It is better to be overly prepared for an interview than to be underprepared and excluded from the finalists because of it.

It’s not just an Interview, it’s a competition. The job hunt is an intense thing and your #1 goal should be coming in first by getting the job.

This video, the first of three, gives you a few tips that you can use for any interview with information on how to clean up your social sites and asking question. Below is a brief summary of the tips included in the video.


  1. Arrive Early
  2. Prepare for the “What’s your Weakness?” question.
  3. Clean your Social Sites
  4. Research your potential employer
  5. Ask Questions